The good, the bad, and the weird

The Good

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be awarded $2.3 million to distribute to police agencies in 2009, according to Fifteen local agencies will receive money from the federal transportation bill for a variety of programs, including $446,000 for the Nighthawk program against drunk driving.

The Bad

Russel Swigart, 30, is the first person in Northern Kentuky to be charged under Romeo’s Law, according to The law, passed July 15, makes torturing animals a felony instead of a misdemeanor. Swigart was charged with breaking and entering a woman’s apartment after threatening her, and stabbed two of her cats to death. Swigar

The Weird

A 14-year-old boy was rescued unharmed from a trash truck Nov. 7 after spending up to five hours trapped inside, according to The Milwaukee, Minn. boy had run away from Milwaukee Leadership Training Center, a boot camp-style teen center, and hid inside a trash container. He was dumped into a recycling truck as part of a routine pickup.t faces up to 30 years in prison.