SGA talks constitution

The Student Government Association debated the first of its constitutional changes at the Nov. 10 meeting before tabling the issue for a week.

“This is the first piece,” President Gabe Cronon said of the options presented to the Senate. The proposed changes focused on the election. The first option: hold just one election each spring. The second option retains that model, except for five senate seats contested in a fall election for freshmen.

Chris Ruth, who chairs the committee to revise the constitution, said both options have pros and cons. He said the first would improve turnout, but freshman representation could suffer. The second choice would have “five freshmen thrown into an already ongoing process” but also would create competition among them.

Senators debated the options and proposed their own.

Sen. Dennis Chaney broached proportional representation for freshman. Sen. Chris Wallace suggested expanding that to all classes.

Cronon warned fluctuating class sizes could alter the allotment of seats. Sen. Danielle Hawks, among others, said the first option would be efficient.

Nevertheless, Sen. Madison Pfingston said that several freshman seats would make elections less “intimidating” and prompt freshmen to run.

Last year President Alyse Bender proposed switching to one election, but did not get Senate approval.

If SGA approves one of the changes to the constitution, it all students, as well as several administrative levels and the Board of Regents must also approve.