More Weird

Two thieves were caught with 12 pigs stuffed in their van in southern Hungary Nov. 6, according to The men, who were stopped during a routine traffic stop, are suspected of having stolen pigs from a nearby farm which has recently lost 35 pigs to unknown causes.

Akron, Ohio’s Seiberling Elementary School was evacuated Nov. 7 when a five-year-old’s show and tell item was a hand grenade, according to Once the bomb squad arrived and examined the grenade it was determined to be a hollowed out paperweight, which are often sold at flea markets.

Austin Heckman got more than he bargained for Sept. 27 when he tried to steal gas from a van parked outside an apartment complex in Crawford County, Wisc, according to Heckman could not tell if he was filling his gas can or not and lit a lighter to see, resulting in an explosion. Police found Heckman in the lot of a nearby store, but have not released how badly he was burned.

What amounts to nearly $19,000 dollars worth of bull semen was stolen from a farm in southwestern Scotland, according to The single flask which contained the stolen semen weighed more than 66 pounds.