Chair of English Department is in a coma in intensive care

Danny Miller, chair of the English Department, is in a coma and in “grave” condition after suffering a stroke Nov. 6, according to an administrator.

Beth Sweeny, director of Administration for the College of Arts and Sciences said Miller is at Christ Hospital’s intensive care unit. She said that he had suffered a stroke, which has caused hemorrhaging in his brain.

“Doctor’s described it as grave,” she said. “He has bleeding in his brain.”

Miller’s condition has worsened since yesterday. Sweeny said that the doctors don’t believe there’s much they can do. Nevertheless, she said “there’s always hope.”

Sweeny said the family is asking that individuals refrain from visiting him.

“Danny Miller is one of those people who touches everyone on campus,” she said, “so imagine if we all rushed over there.” She added that the ICU won’t accept flowers, though cards are acceptable.

Well-wishers who want to send him cards should drop them off at the English Department on the fifth floor of Landrum. Sweeny also said that Christ Hospital has a Web site where students can send Miller e-cards.

Family members will read the cards to Miller. “They still believe he can hear,” she said. After visiting him, she said “he seems to be at peace.” Votruba also asks the Northern Kentucky University community to “please keep Danny in your prayers.”