More Weird

A nudist community in Land O’ Lakes, Fla., has proposed a clothing-optional polling site for the upcoming elections, according to The Aliente Resorts, located north of Tampa, has been told by the supervisor of elections that while no laws prohibit the proposal, that no new precincts will be created before 2010.;jsessionid=A2B4D8DA9CB3B066D30FEB42EB4DC982?contentId=7764779’version=4’locale=EN-US’layoutCode=TSTY’pageId=1.1.1’sflg=1

A court in Trelleborg, Sweden, has ruled that diarrhea is not an excuse to speed, according to The court stated that the 49-year-old woman, who cited digestive issues as her reason for speeding, would only be allowed to exceed the speed limit in an emergency which is defined as an event endangering someone’s life or with that might prevent a serious crime. The woman was ordered to pay her speeding ticket.

Otto, an octopus living in Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany, has recently been put on a watch list for his constant attempts to gain attention, according to The octopus, who was being annoyed by the bright lights in his aquarium learned how to shoot jets of water at the hanging light bulb to short it out, but has also been seen juggling crabs, rearranging his aquarium and throwing rocks at the glass.

Reverend Elvis Elano, a priest in Queens, New York has been suspended for allegedly using his confessional booth to take advantage of a one of his paritioners, Judith Rodriguez-Lytwyn, who had been going through a divorce at the time, according to “For lack of a better word, he was hitting on her,” said Andrew Laufer, the woman’s attorney. Rodriguez-Lytwyn alleges that the two eventually began dating and engaging in sex for seven months.