Walk identifies safety concerns

Student Government Association wants more lighting, more lighting and more call boxes.

SGA met with administrators Nov. 3 for the annual Campus Safety Walk.

The purpose of the walk was to find any safety concerns students may have, whether they may be more lighting, better sidewalks or directing traffic during Bank of Kentucky Center events.

Sen. Joe McGinnis, the chair of the University Improvements Committee, brought up other concerns such as the steps near Louie B. Nunn Hall are deteriorating. Other issues brought to the table included areas on campus that need more lighting such as in front of the Student Union and behind the University Center.

Sen. Mike Tobergta’s group brought up more lighting issues on campus. Those areas include the concerns of the lighting near the amphitheater and on its stairs, some lights are out around the lake, a set of stairs not lit well enough near Greaves Hall and the Welcome Center is very dim.

Tobergta also addressed the need of having more call boxes on campus, and if students should be taught how to use them at events such as new student orientations.

Fellow Sen. Leigha Phelps brought up some students might use the call boxes for pranks.

“That does happen,” said Harold Todd, chief of University Police. He added that doing so is a criminal violation and whoever does it will be issued a court ordered citation.

Larry Blake, assistant vice president of Facilities Management, added that the university is planning on adding cameras to call boxes.

Blake added that there are currently between 70 to 80 cameras on campus.

SGA President Gabe Cronon’s group brought even more call boxes concerns such no call boxes in Lot U and the issue of adding brighter lights to them.

Blake said it was possible the bulbs were out and that the bulbs are replacd every Monday and Tuesday.

“The idea is that if something happens