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Students Strike up Conversation With Kayla Williams

“Love My Rifle More Than You”, a book written by Kayla Williams. The book tells Williams’ life story and about what it is like to be a woman in the United States military. From her use of drugs to her troubles and trials in the military, Williams hides nothing.

“Yeah, she was not afraid to let the people know her life situation”, says Samantha Durbin a Freshmen Psychology major.

Williams says there are four things she hopes readers take away from this book, those four things are: to be aware of the ever changing role of women in society, to take care of out veterans, to make sure everyone has a personal responsibility and to appreciate diversity.

Jennie LaMothe, who is on the Book Connection Committee helped bring Williams to Northern. LaMothe had this to say about the book, “From reading this it gave me a much better perspective of the complexities of a woman in a male dominated field.”

With a quick whit, Williams answered questions from students that ranged from her stance on McCain’s and Obama’s plan for Iraq to how she dealt with her husband’s head injury he suffered with while in Iraq. Williams handled each question like the soldier she once was, by keeping calm under pressure.

After taking questions from students, Williams then moved to a book signing. Where she took further questions from excited students, and she was able to sit down with the Northerner.

Q: What image stays with you the most from your time in Iraq?

“The guy bleeding to death. For a while seeing that image was real stressful.”

Q: Do you recommend to other soldiers to write about the different experiences they have?

“Yeah, not all can get published. As a way to get through their experiences it is a great therapeutic tool.”

Q:What was it like to be put in the spotlight when this book came out?

“Really stressful, to deal with all kinds of questions and then having to answer them calmly. It was hard because I was newly married and not being there with my husband was real hard. It was a weird stressful feeling to have to try to represent women but not being able to speak for each and every one.”

Q: If faced with the choice, would you go back as a soldier?

“If I had to do everything over again, absolutely. I am very proud of the things that I did and I wouldn’t change anything. But if I had to go back now, it would be much harder. After dealing with my husband’s injury it would be much harder. I think that if I had to, I would try to get into the Pentagon or in Afghanistan.”

From the fear and loathing of a war zone to right here at Northern, Kayla Williams has been through it all. When asked if she has thought of writing another book, Williams said, “Yeah, about my husband’s head injury and his experience through it. I would write about it as a family member and as a soldier.” So for the Kayla Williams fans, be sure to keep an eye out for the next beautifully written book.