New society shares passion for films

A newly formed student organization at Northern Kentucky University hopes to bring film lovers together.

“”We wanted to have a way to represent the film community on the Northern campus,” leader and co-founder of Norse Film Society, Daniel Dressman said. “”There”s really nothing close to such a thing here.””

Dressman, a freshman and EMB major at NKU, came up with the idea for a film society with co-founders Stephanie Mathena and Austin Brown. The three freshmen discovered their common interest at freshman orientation. Curiously, they are all EMB majors and more importantly, they all share a love for film. It didn’t take long before a light bulb went off in their heads.

“”One day we were in the cafeteria and decided that we needed a film society,”” Dressman said. “”All of us share a love for film. We wanted an outlet for it.””

With NFS, Dressman, Mathena and Brown hope to create a forum or social network for all film fans to participate in.

“We will also be making short films together,”” Dressman said. ” “We hope to set up some sort of online forum where people in the group say, ‘”Hey, I need extras for this film on this day,” or “I need a crew for a short film I want to do.'””

All three founders of NFS are equally passionate about film. Each hopes to someday make their way into the business and all agree that they would not be happy doing anything else.

“I”m really in to editing,”” Mathena said. “”But I”ll do anything when it comes down to it. What I really want to do is be able to do film-making for my church. I want to be able to help people.”

“We all have different strengths when it comes to film-making,”” Brown said. “”But between us there is a central idea to learn, appreciate and make films.”

Brown, Dressman and Mathena have taken that idea, applied it and spread it wide open at NKU.

NFS’ inaugural meeting took place last Thursday, Oct. 9th. Dressman and company weren”t expecting a huge turnout. Much to their surprise, Landrum Hall room 104 was packed with nearly 20 NKU students all ready to hear what NFS was all about.

“I wanted to join because it’s nice to talk to intelligent people about this stuff,”” said freshman and Media Informatics major Lauren Bowen.

While the first meeting was bombarded with technical snafus and soft-spoken newcomers, Dressman, Mathena, and Brown were thrilled by the turnout.

“I was expecting like 3 people to be here,”” Brown said.

“”It”s ridiculous to limit something like this,”” Brown said.

“We want people to be able to see NKU with a film program one day,”” Dressman added.

“I”d like to see it extend to other universities,”” Brown stated. “”It’d be cool to have different chapters of this film society all over the country.””

Another addition to the society is the upcoming NFS website.

“Hopefully, we will have it up next semester,”” said Dressman.

While Brown, Mathena, and Dressman can easily list off dozens of things they would like to see happen with NFS, there top priority can be summed up with one word: community.

Knowing that big ideas come down the road, NFS realizes that the first step is to spread the word and build a reputation. ”

“We are starting small,”” said Brown. “”Right now we just want people to come.””