Evangelists preach abstinence

Two evangelists arrived on campus Oct. 27 to convince students to turn away from sex, drugs and other sins to seek a godly life and avoid the fires of hell.

Michael Venyah, the founder of Soul Winners Ministries International, along with his wife, two kids and fellow church member Chris Nada, preached to an unreceptive crowd in front of the Student Union Oct. 27 and 28.

“In order to be saved, (students, faculty and staff) need to turn away from sin,” said.

And by that, Venyah said most students are sinning by committing adultery, lust, using drugs, smoking cigarettes, lying, cheating, stealing and practicing other religions such as Islam and Judaism.

According to its Web site, the ministry’s mission statement is spreading the gospel throughout the world.

Venyah, who considers himself an evangelist, has been traveling across the country and world in a motor home with his wife Tamika and two kids. He said he has preached at colleges, churches and conferences in four of seven continents and has taught religion before.

He added his sermons’ center on the lesson “obey Jesus Christ or burn in hell.”

He added that people must “put faith in Jesus