The good, the bad, and the weird

The Good

Young voter turnout is expected to surge this November. Between 1972 and 2000, turnout from voters ages 18 to 24 declined by 16 percent, according to More than 6.5 million young people are actively participating in this year’s campaigns.

The Bad

Joseph Stack of Andover, Mass. was beaten and forced to disclose the location of his $4,000 life savings, according to Stack withdrew his money from the bank due to the stock market situation. Stack made the error of allowing others to know he had the cash while serving at a soup kitchen. Two men broke into his home and forced him to tell them where the money was.

The Weird

Chris Baker, 19, of Dehli, Calif. was arrested after allegedly throwing an open 12-oz. can of Budweiser at a Merced County Deputy Sheriff, according to According to the deputy, Baker pulled up and rolled down his car window and asked the deputy if he wanted something to drink, then hurled the can at him through the open window of the deputy’s vehicle.