More Weird

A 21-year-old South Texas woman was fined $300 after she declared several soiled baby diapers at a U.S. – Mexico border crossing, according to Inspectors with U.S. Customs and Border Protection searched the chunky diapers only to discover several links of pork sausage, or chirizo, inside.

A Scranton woman was charged with disorderly conduct last October for swearing at a malfunctioning toilet. A judge dismissed the charge saying that her language was protected free speech. A settlement was announced Wednesday, according to, by the ACLU and Ms. Herb’s attorney. The settlement, $19,000, will be used to cover her legal expenses among other things.

A Florida woman has been charged after she chose jail rather than paying her tab for $7.45 at a Waffle House, according to According to the police report, Maryanne O’Neal ordered a sandwich and a coffee but refused to pay the bill.

After hitting his girlfriend in the eye with a roll of toilet paper, a New York man was charged with assault, according to Richard Bigonzi allegedly attacked Marit Ekeland with the toilet paper Sunday in the apartment they share. According to Bigonzi, she was drunk and that she is only after money.