The good, the bad, and the weird

The Good

Sixteen-year-old Timothy “Tiger” Desjadon was greeted at his home by family and friends after being in recovery for four-and-a-half-months. Desjado was critically burned during a late-night fire in his home in Winchester, Ky., according to

The Bad

Absentee ballots sent to voters in Renasselaer County, N.Y., listed Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama as “Barack Osama,” according to The elections office released a statement from its two commissioners, Edward McDonough, a Democrat, and Larry Bugbee, a Republican, stating they regret the error.

The Weird

After 40 years of marriage, a Cambodian couple took separation literally when it came to splitting their assets, according to After the couple divided their belongings, the husband and his friends proceeded to saw the house in half. The couple would not speak to the press.