The good, the bad, and the weird

The Good

Blainne Griffin of Westwood, Ohio, went to prison to serve a 12 year sentence Oct. 2 after attemping to rob the same store twice, according to On Feb. 14, and then again March 21, Griffin used a gun to rob the Queen City Market.

The Bad

The Interstate 275 bridge east of Cincinnati was closed to trucks Oct. 2 after a crack in a half-inch thick steel splice plate was found, the fourth crack discovered in the bridge since 2006, according to Lane closures on the bridge as a result of roadwork are expected to last at least four weeks.

The Weird

Jose Amaro of Orange County, Fla., died Oct. 1 after being tazed three times. Amaro was armed with a squeegee. The Orange County Sheriff’s office stated afterward that the suspect was charging in and out of traffic and at the officers at the scene, and later was found to be high on a combination of cocaine and alcohol, according to