Let your voice be heard

In the film Wall Street, Michael Douglas’s character said, “Greed is good.” Greed is a motivating factor throughout life. Whether it is money, position, material possessions, etc. Greed is one ingredient in this financial disaster our country faces.

People want things everyday and all the time and are willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means not taking responsibility. It is a very “me, I’m a victim” generation we live in. No one person can fix this, but everybody is looking at the election that way.

First off, neither Barack Obama nor John McCain is the antichrist, regardless of what people say. It is said that one should never discuss politics. I agree that if you are an idiot and don’t know what you are talking about, then you should keep your mouth shut unless you are asking questions. Each one of us needs to look at each candidate and ask ourselves who will truly improve the quality of life, who will pave the way for a country that will grow into a place of promise and hope for the future. Neither one of these men is out to destroy our country, as each one wants to lead it to help it in the ways he sees fit.

There are people who are not going to vote because they cannot decide, or use that tired phrase “the lesser of the two evils.” Sociologists will tell us that there is no such thing as an individual as our surroundings and people have socialized us all.

I agree only mildly with that because I believe everyone has the opportunity to find their own voice, their own qualities and strengths that define them. We all have the potential to be individuals but not everyone really wants to reach for that. How a person votes is one way to express that.

To do so, a person has to do his or her own research. Reading the papers, checking out the Web sites of the candidates, looking up their histories and what they have accomplished and failed at, and watching debates. We cannot simply vote because of how our family, friends, co-workers, church members or teachers vote.

The election is an opportunity to take a step towards expressing what you feel based on your own actions, reasoning and research. It is a chance for you to be a leader and not just a follower.

If you look closely at the candidates, you will find something that makes you truly believe that one is more deserving of the presidency. I am voting for Barack Obama, and I don’t agree with everything he stands for but I do feel he would make the best president at this time. His views and plans on education, energy, economics, women and family are fantastic. I look at his and John McCain’s stances side-by-side and I choose Barack Obama. Who you choose is up to you only and the only wrong choice is not voting. Why would you not want to have your say in your future?

Jeff Kuhlman Junior Social Work