The good, the bad, and the weird

The good The Ohio 1st District Court of Appeals ruled on Sept. 26 that elected officials can be sued if identity theft occurs as a result of their posting confidential information online, according to Social security numbers and other information from speeding tickets posted at the Cincinnati Clerk of Courts Web site were being stolen.

The bad An East Price Hill nursing home was shut down Sept. 27 before the Cincinnati Health Department could decide its fate, resulting in expulsion of 30 residents, according to City and state health officials had found dozens of health and safety violations at the location.

The weird A 25-year-old squatter in Lincoln, Neb., was arrested on Sept. 24 after calling the police with a report that his apartment was being broken into, according to Police arrived to find the apartment manager trying to get into the apartment, which was supposed to be vacant. The squatter was also growing marijauna.