Norse nights offers break from classes

While a tyrannosaurus rex may be sitting on the roof of the Albright Health Center, there’s no need to be alarmed – Godzilla is not rampaging around Northern Kentucky University.

Quite the opposite; it’s an advertisement for Norse Nights, the annual party where NKU students can come together and play games, dance, chat, compete in an air guitar conference or just chow on some munchies, according to Amanda Enderton, NKU’s Coordinator of Fitness and Special Events.

For the fourth celebration in NKU’s history, she said, Campus Recreation is sponsoring a block-party-themed event.

“We thought ‘who doesn’t like dancing,” Enderton said. “So we’re going to have a block-party scene.

Beginning at 8 p.m. Oct. 6 outside the Albright Health Center, students will have music coming from a stage manned by a live DJ. Dance competitions will take place every hour, along with karaoke.

“We hired a DJ to help us do Karaoke at the gym,” Enderton said. “You can do Karaoke all night long.”

Popcorn and drinks will be available and the basketball courts will be open for anyone who wants to pick up a game.

The dance competition winners will receive either tickets to “So you think you can dance” or free Papa John’s Pizza. The air guitar competition champion will get tickets to “So you think you can dance as well.”

The first 400 students get free T-shirts, Enderton said, while the first 500 get glow in the dark necklaces.

Students won’t need their all card, but they will have to stop by a registration booth to pick up a wrist band in order to get in.