Dodging stresses of school with activity

Is school stressing you out? Are professors burdening you with tons of homework? Are fellow classmates grinding your gears? What better way to relieve your stress than chucking balls at your fellow students?

Northern Kentucky University’s intramural dodgeball league is signing up students to do just that.

Dodgeball, the classic Phys. Ed. sport, has six players on each team who run to the middle of the court to grab one of six balls. The players who manage to grab the balls must launch them at opposing players to nail them with the shot. A direct hit sends them to the sidelines. But, a successful catch means the thrower is tossed onto the bench. The first to knock out all their opponents wins.

NKU offers a league for each gender, as well as a mixed one. The season lasts five weeks and registration deadline is Oct. 22.

“Each team plays a best two out of three format against four other teams each night,”Coordinator for Recreational Programs Jeremy Chipman said.

After the season ends, teams will engage in a tournament to determine the ultimate team.

“At the conclusion of each league there is a single elimination tournament,” Chipman said. “The overall winners receive an Intramural Championship T-shirt that they can wear around campus.”

It is also a way to meet new people, for participants, such as Parker Laboiteaux. A fifth year senior who has been involved in intramural sports since 2004 and he now supervises the league.

“It’s a job for me, but as a participant it gives me a chance to let my competitive nature come out,” Laboiteaux said, adding, “I have made many of my college friends through playing intramural sports.”

It costs $10 to enroll. However, students must sign up before Oct. 22.

Those interested should visit You can also go to the Campus Recreation Center and pick up a team registration form there as well.