Students fast in observance of Ramadan

Can you imagine going one whole month without eating from dawn up until the sun goes down? What about just one day?

Northern Kentucky University’s Muslim Student Association is challenging students to fast for one day from sunrise to sunset Sept. 26 in the University Center Room 11.

In keeping with Ramadan ,the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims across the globe fast throughout daytime during the month, encouraging the faithful toward spiritual reflection, according to This year, the MSA is encouraging students, regardless of their religious affiliation, to last one day without eating a bite during the Ramadan Fast-a-thon.

Such perseverance will not go unrewarded, however. Students can pledge to avoid food during the day and come to the group’s celebration dinner that night.

Azra Husejnovic, the MSA president, said the Fast-a-thon encourages students to try to last from sunrise until the dinner.

“We are aware the whole month how much more we have than others” Husejnovic said.

Fasting is not mandatory, however, and Husejnovic explained that the group is not trying to force anyone to abstain from eating. But, she said she hopes avoiding meals also serves as a fundraiser.

“We are encouraging people to donate their lunch money,” Husejnovic said. All of the money collected by the organization will go to the Over the Rhine Soup Kitchen.

Donations will be taken at the door, and the check will be presented to the soup kitchen during the dinner.

Last year’s dinner raised $550, and Husejnovic hopes to exceed that number this year.

“Every little bit adds up,” she said.

According to Laila Hameen, a member of the MSA, the dinner is a celebration. Everyone is encouraged to have fun and keep an open mind throughout the night.

She added that it gives students a great way to “come learn something new.”

There will be a guest speaker at the event, Brother Riyad Shamma, who is an Islamic authority.

While donations will be taken at the door, prizes will be given away, such as an iPod Shuffle, gift cards and NKU gear.

The food at the event will be Mediterranean. Mejana Catering will be supplying the meal.