Political lecturer talks tactics

On Sept. 30 Northern Kentucky University will present a political lecture show with author Joseph Cummings.

“Anything for a Vote,” Cummings’ book, showcases 200-plus years of dirty tricks and cheap shots that past presidents have taken to win the election.

NKU has tried to ensure by posting fliers and e-mailing several academic departments, to get the message out.

“Everyone is really excited,” said Activities Programming Board member Ashley Ellis.

With all the mudslinging and tricky tactics used in just the upcoming presidential election, APB is hoping that all the students in attendance will see through the lies and realize what is true. APB has also worked to avoid beating up on one side of the partisan aisle.

“It should have an equal representation of both political parties and the way they campaign, it’s not geared toward just one party or the other,” said Harris.

The event will span all presidents, including the current one. It is not known for certain yet if Cummings will speak about the tactics being used by this years’ candidates, John McCain or Barack Obama.

APB said it is expecting 100 people at this event.

“Of course, we want as many people to come as possible,” said APB director Kanita House, who added that she hopes the majority consists of students. “I think this election year has really opened the doors of politics for many college-aged kids.”

Molly Schuette, who plans to attend, the show agrees. “Adults are so set in their ways when it comes to politics. But people our age are still figuring out what we like and don’t like,” she said.

With all the attack ads that have been aired lately between the two presidential candidates, a little straight-talk might do some good.

“Anything for a Vote” will be presented at 7 p.m. in the Otto M. Budig Theater, and is free of charge.