Beshear moves to expand gasoline supplies

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Gov. Steve Beshear has issued an executive order that will allow wholesalers to immediately begin distributing gasoline that usually is sold only during the fall and winter months in Kentucky.

Beshear said the move will expand the state’s supply of gasoline.

Some states have experienced gasoline shortages in the wake of hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Beshear says his executive order is intended to make sure Kentucky isn’t affected.

Environmental regulations require gasoline blends to change seasonally. Lower-volatility gasoline is distributed during summer months to minimize fumes. In cooler weather, the formulations change to more volatile gasoline.

Beshear said refineries already have the winter blend on hand.

Ordinarily it wouldn’t be distributed in Kentucky until Oct. 1. Beshear’s executive order allows the distribution a week early.