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Wendy Brown, a 33-year-old woman of Green Bay, Wisconsin, was charged with stealing the identity of her daughter to attend a high school and subsequently join the cheerleading squad, according to She was charged with felony identity theft. Her daughter lives in Nevada with Brown’s mother. Brown allegedly attended practices, received a cheerleader’s locker and went to a pool party at the cheerleading sponsor’s home.

There was a vast amount of commotion outside the Columbia Heights Metro Station in Washington on Sept. 16, according to A large, stuffed polar bear dressed in clothes roused suspicion after being found beside a trash can. A bomb squad was called to investigate after the reports surfaced. The bear was inspected and deemed safe by the bomb squad.

UPDATE – Nigerian police arrested a Muslim preacher charging him with violating the Islamic laws of marriage. The preacher claims he has 86 wives and 107 children. Nigerian authorities detained Mohammed Bello Masaba, 84, on Sept. 15 after an order from the state’s Islamic court. Masaba claims that God enables him to maintain such a large family, according to

Extreme unicyclist Steve Colligan intends to brave Mount Everest in effort to get into the record books, according to Colligan will have to overcome 5,000m mountains, temperatures 15 degrees C and navigate the worlds’ biggest downhill ride. He must do this all on one wheel.