Construction on schedule

Even with the completion of the new Student Union and the Bank of Kentucky Center, construction is still hot and heavy at Northern Kentucky University.

Still on the agenda, includes construction of a new soccer stadium, a new College of Informatics building and some renovations in the University Center.

According to Steve Nienaber, director of University Architect and Construction Management, plans to break ground for the new soccer stadium are set to begin in October.

He said the stadium is set to be adjacent to the Bank of Kentucky Center and the budget for the project is around $6.5 million.

Nienaber added that the stadium will include are a turf field and concession stands. It will hold about 1,000 people.

Construction is set to end in fall 2009, Nienaber said.

As for the College of Informatics, Nienaber said the early planning stages of the project have already begun.

He added that construction is set to begin in spring 2009 and end January 2011.

The location for the college is set to be in Lot B, across from the Student Union, Nienaber said.

Part of the $35.5 million budget for the college includes a “digitorium,” which is a digital auditorium that is 2,400 square foot and will hold about 150 people.

Nienaber said the “digitorium” will include separate breakout rooms, which would be used for students to break into smaller groups during class.

According to Nienaber, renovations in the University Center will begin this Fall.

He said it will be a series of “small renovations,” with some offices relocating in the building. Learning Assistance and First Year Programs to move into the bookstore by 2009 and Student Support Services will move in the University Center Room 11.

Nienaber said he hopes to have the renovations of the University Center finished by the beginning of the 2009-10 school year.