More weird

A Massachusetts doctor has been fired and is disallowed from renewing his license to practice medicine after allegedly trying to perform an epidural while drunk. Robert Dolan appeared to have been drinking from a bottle of bourbon he had brought to work according to

In a book published this week by Mark Ryan, it has been revealed that a British spy, Tommy Sneum, nearly succeeded in a plot to snipe infamous Nazi Heinrich Himmler from the suite of a Danish film starlet he had seduced-with a bow and arrow. The real-life James Bond was unable to perform the assignation, however, because Himmler never returned to the planned point, according to the London Times.

After having asked a crowd of people on two occasions within the same day if they had seen her missing Chihuahua, a woman in Tusla fired two shots from a gun, injuring two of the people in the crowd, according to The crowd of people did not know who the woman is, or the location of her dog. Her motives are unknown.

Visitors of Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan are wondering what is going on with the polar bears, according to the Associated Press. What exactly is so strange about them? They’re green. In an effort for conservation, the zoo has begun to make less frequent water changes, and with the higher temperature of July and August, the waters of the zoo have accumulated algae, which collects in the hollow hair of the polar bears. The polar bears are expected to return to their usual shade of white by November.