More weird

A Tallahassee man who lost his left foot after being struck by a car had to be forcibly taken to the hospital, reported Aug. 25. The Tallahassee Police Department believes Daniel White, 43, stumbled into the traffic, but White has no memory of the accident and no witnesses have yet been found.

A man in New York threw his dog Elvis a $10000 ‘bark mitzvah’ celebration, according to Fox News. Among those in attendance of the after party bash was sex expert Dr. Ruth.

Between 150 and 500 students were suspended from Seagoville High School because of dress code violations pertaining to belts, according to The school, whose total enrollment is about 1,200, sent students home (or gave them in school suspension) for any belts which were not plain brown or black with a standard buckle.

After her marriage in 1999, a Barbara Ann Moore spent a portion of her honeymoon in the Covington, KY jail. Moore has recently been arrested for bigamy, the first ever woman charged with the crime in Kentucky. According to, the Moore is married to three men, and may possibly be married to a fourth in Cincinnati.