A welcoming campus

Almost all incoming freshmen impatiently wait for the day when they are finally able to move out of their parents’ home and make their own rules. During this summer, the countdown to move-in day sometimes seemed to move backward rather than forward. But, finally, it arrived.

I had looked forward to that day for so long, only to realize I was a little nervous about being on my own.

The one-and-a-half hour drive from my home to campus was filled with a roller coaster of feelings. As my initial excitement changed to nervousness, I boxed back and forth with those dominant emotions. However, excitement won the match when I turned off of US Highway 27 to see Northern Kentucky University’s campus.

I had feared moving in would be a challenge including carrying boxes long distances in the heat. Fortunately, my move in to Campus Housing was fantastic.

There was limited confusion about where to go, and the assistance granted was wonderful. H.O.T. (Hall Opening Team) students were an enormous help. What would have taken many trips from my vehicle required only three after the swarm of students helped me carry everything to my room.

What I anticipated to be a horrible experience ended up as a pleasant one. After planning an entire day to get moved in, I was not sure what to do when I was practically finished unpacking by 2 p.m. and was saying goodbye to my family. It only took a few more minutes to complete the setup of our apartment-style dorm in Woodcrest, with the exception of making a “Kroger run” for essentials, such as ramen noodles and more bottled water.

After the ease of move in and the overall friendly environment of NKU, my transition into college has been extremely easy and pleasant. The campus is easy to navigate and is isolated from the “outside world.” Many other universities do not feature the inclusive community lifestyle that NKU offers its students. I keep thinking about Professor Proctors’ infamous “I looooove NKU” speech. Why? Because I definitely do.