WTF: Answering your NKU-induced head scratchers

With all the traffic going in and out of the University Center, between to grabbing some lunch or getting some supplies for class, many students maybe completely unaware of UC 320, which houses Testing and Disability Services. One of the primary goals of Disability Services is to help create a diverse student body and accommodate students with disabilities in a way that allows their education without hindering the education of any other student.

“NKU strives to provide accessible physical access as well as academic access to all individuals,” said Lisa R. Besnoy, assistant director of Testing and Disability Services.

Accommodations are not just limited to ramp access, but include special seating in classrooms, the use of tape recorders, readers or scribes in class, taped textbooks and any other special equipment that would help the student succeed. Additional services can be discussed at the office as well, such as special permission for students who are unable to concentrate in a traditional environment to take tests in a more quiet atmosphere.

Students who feel they need special accommodations are encouraged to speak with someone in UC 320 to have their specific case discussed

Disability Services’ commitment extends even to their Web site, which is “Bobby Certified.”

“Bobby” is a web accessibility testing tool that assesses whether or not a specific Web site is usable by individuals with disabilities who may be using screen readers to access information on the internet,” Besnoy said.