The good, the bad, and the weird

The good

A one-year-old girl is alive after jumping from a second-story window in Albany, N.Y., because a mailman was three hours early, reported April 22. The postal worker was delivering an express package, so he was walking below the window when the girl jumped down and he caught her.

The bad

More families with students in college are having to resort to private loans to pay for their education, reported April 28. According to the site, universities’ costs are skyrocketing and so are their tuition prices. Family incomes, however, are stagnating, which necessitates the private loans.

The weird

A high school in Portland, Ore., is requiring students to shave off their eyebrows, reported April 28. Some students have shaved vertical strips of their brows off, following the example of Soulja Boy, a look administrators describe as a gang symbol. Students who don’t shave must go home.