University trying new evaluation process

Northern Kentucky University is trying out a new evaluation process.

Instead of doing Scantron evaluations, 412 classes at NKU will be completing online evaluations.

For the classes selected, the spring semester marks the first online student evaluation project (OSEP) presented by the Faculty Senate. The body said it realized that more universities, such as Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, are moving to the online evaluations.

“After seeing how successful the new system is for other universities” said Phil Mccartney, a professor of mathematics and one of the coordinators on OSEP. “It was decided that we go about changing the system for many reasons, one being the old Scantron system is very archaic and extremely expensive for the university.”

According to Mccartney, the old scantron system costs more than $15,000 a year and the forms are hard to read.

Mccartney said that with the old system, reading, analyzing and reporting the information becomes a long process.

Ian Tabor, a senior mathematics major, said that he things the Scantrons are useless. “The same professors that did a poor job are still here,” said Ian Tabor, a senior mathematics major.

Mccartney said online evaluations will help with the overall response rate for the university. All responses made on the evaluation forms will be sent to the chair of your professor’s department, where they be evaluated and submitted to the university.

The new online student evaluations opened April 18 and will close May 2. Students in participating courses will receive an e-mail with instructions and a link to the evaluation site. After logging in, the questions in the online evaluation are the same as the Scantron questions.