Take a 4-D ‘jungle’ walk

Do you ever wish you could remember your dreams? Has your mind ever created such extravagant scenarios that you wished they were on film?

The Four Dimensional Studies class aspired to make their dreams a reality in “Projections: Sleepwalking Through the Concrete Jungle.”

The project was actually proposed as a group effort: each student was supposed to portray dreams through different visual aspects. Some students made video montages using nature and imagery of the visual world. Others chose to create films with a plot. One student even produced a cartoon.

On April 9 and 10 four projection sets were placed in various areas between the Welcome Center, Steely Library and the Fine Arts building. Beginning at sundown, each student’s piece was projected from one of these four screens in a continuous loop.

The art show was unique in that it allowed the passing public to view segments of the show.

The posters promoting the show were vague; they included the name of the show and the time when the projections would begin. They did not, however, include where to start or where exactly to look for the videos.

Amy Trivisonno believes that the informality in the show helped attract viewers.

“In this kind of setting its informal and people just get bits of each video so there’s no real continuity but it kind of works because that’s how dreams are,” Trivisonno said.

Because the show was outside, children leaving music lessons at the university were exposed to the show. This incredibly open public exposure posed some problems for the class. There was a lot of controversial content portrayed in some films, including abuse, death, and sexual content. The one cartoon that would seem most appealing to children showed disturbing images of what appeared to be demons.

Zach Evans, a student who was a part of the show, commented on the children viewing the movies.

“I think some of the movies might be odd, but we didn’t think about that because it’s a college campus” Evans said.