Seniors show off art

Tyler Daniels

The scent of rich mahogany sweeps through the doors of the Third Floor Art Gallery, but this isn’t exactly Ron Burgundy’s bachelor pad. On April 10 the gallery became a plethora of colors, prints, photographs, drawings, paintings and installations for the first half of the senior art shows.

Chris Gibson’s “Physical Lines of Force” is a collage of large, intricate and colorful drawings that grabs viewers as they walk in the door. A dinosaur’s skeleton, triceratops and an evolving prehistoric man stare you down at first glance.

“It all came from me thinking about the natural order of our existence and just becoming not important anymore,” Gibson said.

Another work in the gallery is Billy Holodnak’s “Kenji’s Unimog,” a large, colorful, multi-layered print he made the focal point of his exhibit entitled “Subculture Meibutsu.”

“I wanted to communicate my time spent living in the city along with my travels,” senior print major Billy Holodnak said.

Lindsay Gibson, an Applied Photography major, was pleased to see her photographs garnishing the walls of the gallery in her show “pieces of me.”

“It’s awesome to see my work in the gallery, I’m just glad to see how it all came together,” she said.

Her photographs are intriguingly dark and pull you in for a closer look.

“I was inspired by my grandma’s life and death,” Gibson said. “And just life in general.”

Due to a larger number of students set to graduate in May 2008, the department has two exhibitions. The second opens April 24.

“We had so many students participating in the shows that we had to select the pieces that worked well together,” Gallery Director David Knight said. “Then we split them up into two separate shows.”