Initial master plan selected

A new soccer stadium, more housing and classrooms, space for both intramural and intercollegiate athletic sports and more green spaces around campus are all things promised in the latest revision of the campus master plan.

However, to add all of this to the campus, more than 160 homes in the Sunset Boulevard area, west of Nunn Drive, must to be purchased.

Mary Paula Schuh, director of campus space and planning, said that short and long-range acquisition plans will be designed to find the funding to purchase these homes.

The plan will create elevated walking and bicycle paths that will allow students to walk from Johns Hill Road to the Residential Village and from the connector road on the western side of campus to U.S. 27 on the eastern side.

The state-funded connector road will run on the west side of campus and join Three Mile Road with Johns Hill Road. It will end up near the AA Highway.

Another part of the plan is to create open space on campus. Future buildings will be arranged in a U-shape, creating a courtyard between them. The courtyards will provide gathering places and add green space. The buildings will also increase classroom space by 45 percent.

This preliminary plan will also add two new clusters of student housing on the north end of campus where the current Residential Village is located, on the east side of campus near Lakeside, and on the south side of campus on Johns Hill Road near existing apartment complexes.

Intramural and intercollegiate athletics also benefit from this plan. The Albright Health Center will be expanded and a new soccer stadium is planned to be completed near the Bank of Ky Arena within the next two years.

Additional parking and an athletic area will be added for intramural sports on the northern side of campus near University Housing.

The final draft of the plan is about six months away. The master planners intend to present an updated plan in September.