‘Brother Rick’ inflames crowd with fiery rhetoric

Women should stay in the kitchen. Or at least take some culinary arts classes in college.

“Women need to learn how to cook,” Brother Rick told onlookers April 7. He added that although Kentuckians are well known for having good chicken, “not every woman knows how to cook a chicken properly.”

A traveling pastor known as “Brother Rick,” a independent Pentecostal, preached to Northern Kentucky University students, faculty and staff at amphitheater April 7 and on the grassy knoll in front of Salmon P. Chase College of Law April 8.

Brother Rick, who has been preaching for 23 years at 300 plus colleges, would not disclose his last name or the church he was affiliated with. He also referred to himself as “Saint Rick.”

During both lectures, about 100 viewers were in attendance.

According to Dean of Students Matt Brown, Brother Rick did not notify the university that he had planned to come and speak on campus. However, due to the Free Expression Policy, outside groups are allowed on campus as long as they don’t interfere with NKU’s educational environment.

Brown added Brother Rick’s appearance spawned a lot of healthy conversations on campus.

Brother Rick said his overall message for coming to campus was for people to repent their sins, put faith in Jesus Christ, study the bible and restrain from any sex before marriage. He added that people who love God don’t wear jewelry.

He said he hopes that students will serve God, since Brother Rick can’t do all the work.

During his sermon, Brother Rick also said there is no such thing as gay.

He added that it would be impossible for any of his four children to become gay because he won’t let anyone recruit them.

He even sang a “gay song” that went, “It’s not OK to be gay, it’s not OK to be a homo. God said it is not OK to be gay, the bible says it’s a no-no. It’s not OK to be gay; it is not OK to be perverted. It’s not in your DNA, what you need to be is converted.”

In response, two lesbian students Jessica Hammons, a junior philosophy major, and Shelly Davis, an undeclared freshman, got in front of Brother Rick and kissed.

However, not all students were happy with what Brother Rick’s preached on campus.

“He’s turning people away from God