Lecture focuses on career tips

Bethany Kilgore of the Career Development Center gave tips to having a successful interview and great first impressions at an Interviewing 101 lecture to Northern Kentucky University Students April 8.

Kilgore discussed some of what students should and should not do when trying to land a job. In a PowerPoint presentation she emphasized the importance of knowledge and enthusiasm for the company and position, professionalism at the interview, truthfulness, strong communication skills and self-selling.

Kilgore also recommended that students clean up their MySpace and Facebook page because tell a lot about your personality. Many employers rely on recruiters dedicated to looking up your pages online and what they find could play a factor in whether or not you get a callback, she said.

Students should also research the professional field and opportunities before applying for a position. Assess your goals, interests, and qualifications and network. According to Kilgore, 7 of 10 jobs are obtained through networking.

Writing your resume can be daunting. Kilgore emphasized using action words and being creative with your resume rather than using templates. She also encouraged using an employer friendly email address.

Kilgore also said that when you’re listing employment on a resume, do not go back to your high school years unless it directly applies to your professional skills and the position you’re applying for.

Lastly, Kilgore emphasized the importance of dressing for success and sending thank you letters to your contacts and interviewer’s.

“People look at what’s popular and what’s fashionable and they may mistake that for what’s appropriate. So you want to make sure you’re projecting yourself professionally and you can still have your own personal style without compromising your professional image,” Kilgore said. “You should send a thank you e-mail or letter in 24-48 hours after your interview. An employer will remember you for this and it may make a difference in you getting hired.”