Chase offers lectures on iTunes

The Salmon P. Chase College of Law has joined Northern Kentucky University in presenting audio and video recordings through iTunes U.

Right now, there is only one podcast available, “Tips on Writing Research Papers for Law School,” but there are more to come, said Mike Whiteman, an associate dean in the Chase Law Library.

“We’re still kind of new at this, but we’re slowly but surely adding more content,” he said.

Chase iTunes U offers both public and private content to subscribers. The public content includes guest lectures in audio and video format, while class lectures are kept private and require a password to be accessed.

Chase professors and the Law Library work together to create the podcasts. Professors borrow the equipment, record the lecture and return everything. After that, the library information technology team will edit out any dead air in the recordings.

“It’s a great benefit to the students,” said Mike Whiteman, an Associate Dean in the Chase Law Library. “The more ways we can provide information to students the better.”

These podcasts are being offered for students to be able to check their notes, get information from a class, review session or event they were not able to attend. However, these recordings cannot replace actually going to class.

“This wasn’t to encourage students not to come to class, but to offer then another way to get the information,” Whiteman said. He added that students will still be subject to the Chase attendance policy, even if lectures are offered through iTunes U.

Review sessions at Chase are optional and scheduled outside of regular class time, so some students are unable to attend. With these recordings, Whiteman explained, more students can have access to these sessions.

To access Chase iTunes U, visit Chase College of Law’s Web site, and then “Chase iTunes U” on the right side of the screen.