Satellite a nontrad haven

Students wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main campus have another choice: The Northern Kentucky University Covington Campus.

This NKU satellite, as well as the Grant County Center recently featured in a WTF, can be more convenient for students in need of a more flexible schedule.

The Covington Campus offers a number of general education classes during the evening and on weekends, and generally appeals to non-traditional students. It is also the home of the Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) and the Program for Adult Centered Education (PACE).

Many non-traditional students are drawn to the Covington Campus because of PACE, according to Diana VonHagel, Covington Campus coordinator.

“PACE is an attractive alternative to non-traditional, adult students who are returning to college after a number of years, or who may have been putting off their education to raise their families,” VonHagel said.

Because of the different focus of the Covington Campus, many non-traditional students find environment suits their needs better than the Highland Heights campus.

“Attending classes on the main campus can be intimidating to non-traditional students,” VonHagel said “The Covington Campus provides a convenient location for students hurrying to classes after work, as well as a quiet, more intimate environment in which to attend classes with their peers.”

The Covington Campus has seen revitalization in the past few years because of PACE.

In the spring of 2005, there were 216 enrollments in courses offered here. In the spring of this year, there are over 600 enrollments according to Vonhagel.

“PACE students account for about 70% of those enrollments,” Vonhagel said.

The Covington Campus also has courses offered by the University of Kentucky through KTLN (Kentucky Telelinking Network) and a variety of non-credit community educational programs for students of any age. These include classes and workshops in conversational language skills, test preparation, motorcycle safety skills and more.

This semester about 375 students are taking classes at the Covington Campus by 29 instructors in a total of 32 academic courses.

Besides classes, the campus is also the home of the offices of the University Training Consortium, the Educational Talent Search and the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities.

The Covington Campus is located at 1401 Dixie Highway in Covington, Kentucky. For more information call (859) 392-2420.