War: What is it good for?

The world is at war and will forever be at war. As long as there are ideological wars going on which can never be won, then we will be stuck in an endless cycles of wars. These wars are started by those in power on whims or sometimes just for fun, but always with underlying, clandestine purposes. This benefits some, but brings tragedy for most.

War is good for some. It is good for those who rank high in their militaries in every country. It gives them job security. These individuals love war and everything that comes with it. They may claim that they want peace, but, why is it whenever they want peace, the poor must fight to obtain it? What does a child soldier in the Congo or South Africa know of peace? They only know the horrible violence they live with every day. But this does not matter to the Presidents or Generals, so long as they can keep their own private peace at the expense of others. They live in isolated shells while we duke it out. The war carries on in search of peace, blowing off limbs and shooting shrapnel into veins along the way.

War is also good for those who make the guns, tanks, bombs, deadly gasses and various other killing machines. It keeps their pockets full of money while blood pours out on the streets. As long as there is a war, there will be good business for these individuals. The military-industrial complex is alive and growing. With endless war comes endless business opportunities. It’s easy to stay in the green when there is such an abundance of expendable life.

War is good for heads of state, who act as figureheads leading noble causes. Once a war has started or is just in its planning stages, heads of state can instill fear into their subjects (a.k.a. their citizens).

Fear is an excellent way to keep those below you in line. Once you make them fearful of an outside force, you can fool them into doing most anything. You can keep them controlled, thoughtless, shopping and driving around, while you make the “right” decisions for this country at war.

There is no need to speak out, because, if you do, you are speaking for the enemy. The enemies must be defeated at any cost, because their culture has become backwards and needs to be free! The heads of state laugh at the public’s gullibility and send them aimlessly into battle. It’s a game to them; our lives have become their gain.

Fight to be free-that is their motto. Do you feel you are free? Or do you need to kill to prove their point and make peace?

Nathan Brown Junior Entrepreneurship