VP declares SGA candidacy

The 2007-2008 academic year is beginning to wind down, and thus the next year is coming into focus as students who are not graduating prepare to schedule the next semester.

But this time of year also brings organization elections. That is why I wanted to take the time to write to the student body.

The Student Government Association is preparing for the election season and students will be given the opportunity to choose the people who will represent them in the year ahead. These students will serve as president, represent students on the Board of Regents and bring various vice presidents who will work in different roles helping to create a better environment for all of us to learn in.

In the last year I have had the honor and the opportunity to serve as vice president of student involvement in the student government association; this has given me a new view on how to make my university a better place for all students. It has provided me a platform to promote student life and encourage all to get involved. Along the way I have had the fortune to do great things and make an impact in our university.

This role has been satisfying in leaving a legacy as a student on this campus. I have had the opportunity to develop as a leader in the Northern Kentucky Leadership Institute, serve in many leadership roles within the institute, including president of the Norse Leadership Society and Co-Director of this institute itself. I have served as chairman of the Homecoming Committee two years in a row helping to create lasting legacies that are evident today. Throughout my involvement I have made lifelong friends, some I call brothers, and most I will take with me beyond my college years. One of those friends is Melissa Koppenhoefer.

Melissa has been an involved leader, senator and dedicated student. People like her are what make this campus great, she has a warm heart, intellect, and a natural ability to lead. She is also a member of the institute serving as the next president of the Leadership Mentors. As a senator she carried common sense, responsible leadership, and a drive to make Northern a better place.

This brings me to the purpose of this letter. Melissa and I have made the commitment to the student body and have decided to make Northern better. We can envision no better way to do this than to serve the student body as a member of SGA. It is with great excitement and understanding of the challenges that lay ahead that Melissa and I announce our candidacy for the offices of president and executive vice president.

We have four pillars to our campaign; the first is that we will place students first, we are after all representing them and the student body will always take precedence in every decision that we make. We will commit to open minds, open ears, open doors and a continuous open dialogue.

The second pillar is that of responsible leadership, from the handling of funds to the direction of student government, we commit to follow through on any promises made. The third pillar is that of collaboration; too often student government passes resolutions that don’t solve an issue. Often taking the time to work together with another person, organization, or department would solve the issue with greater ease. Responsible, dedicated leadership requires collaborative ideas. Finally the fourth pillar student/campus safety and wellness. In light of recent issues on campus and the work already in progress to continue this great institution we feel that this requires the commitment of student government to continue to address issues at hand. Together these four pillars create the foundation for everything that we will do as elected representatives of the students. This foundation leads to creating positive change for the university. We are experienced leaders and in student government experience matters!

We look forward to hearing what matters to you about your university. Please feel free to contact us at either cronong1@nku.edu or koppenhoem1@nku.edu, please don’t forget to vote on April 16 and 17!

Gabe Cronon Presidental Candidate

Melissa Koppenhoefer Executive Vice Presidental Candidate