SGA proposes new center

The Student Government Association proposed creating a safer environment at Northern Kentucky University by creating a Women’s Gender Center on campus at its meeting March 31.

The resolution states that other regional universities such as University of Louisville and Wright State University already have successful women’s centers on campus.

SGA President Alyse Bender said the new center would be a place where women would feel comfortable and safe to discuss events or issues that have occurred in their lives.

“(SGA’s) short term goal of this resolution is to make students more aware of the services that are already available for them on campus,” Bender said. “Our long term goal of this resolution is to have a special center on campus.”

Another resolution requests additional laptops in the W. Frank Steely Library. The “Laptop Resolution,” states that there are currently 36 laptops in the Steely Library and that they are so heavily used that the batteries are running down.

Bender said the additional laptops would provide students with greater access to technology to complete research opportunities and homework obligations.

SGA also decided to table the newly proposed constitution presented at the March 25 meeting.

Bender said she wants the constitution to the senate by next week but needs to have the administration’s comments and review of the document first.

Some of the proposed changes include having only one election per year, changing the number of justices from five to three and changing some of the vocabulary to make the constitution concise and consistent.

“I feel that the changes are beneficial and will only strengthen SGA in the future,” Bender said.