Going green going well

Since its beginning in 2001 as a contest between Miami and Ohio University, Recyclemania has mushroomed into an event involving more than 200 institutions competing in several different categories of environmental care and reform.

Northern Kentucky University’s goal is to reduce the overall amount of waste produced to ten pounds per person.

“I would say (Recyclemania) been very successful, especially for our first time involved,” Chuck Pettit, superintendent of building services, said. “I see us placing in the top 20 schools.”

In seven weeks, NKU has recycled more than 40,000 pounds of paper, cardboard, cans and other materials, and has also maintained an average-waste-per-person of about 4.11 pounds.

“I can tell a difference in the campus,” Pettit said. “The interior of the buildings, especially, look cleaner.”

However, he said there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Pettit suggests that the students, faculty and staff try to make the most of the items they’d normally throw away – especially paper.

Although the improvements on NKU’s effect on the local environment requires commitment from students, faculty and staff, building services will be doing its part to help NKU be more ecologically sound.

Building services is planning to place more recycling cans within the buildings on campus, specifically in department offices’ where a good deal of waste in generated. They also plan to talk to incoming freshmen to raise awareness about the recycling program.