Kennedy speaks for the environment

“We’re not protecting the environment for the sake of the fishes and the birds. We’re protecting it for our own sake,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said emphasizing his recurring theme as he sought to inspire and encourage citizens to hold their government accountable to protecting the public trust and ensuring the continued success of America.

Kennedy, the internationally known environmental lawyer and member of “America’s royal family,” spoke to members of the Northern Kentucky University community in a lecture entitled “Our Environmental Destiny.” About 650 people attended the event Feb. 27 in Greaves Hall, according to Josh Gruenke, student life coordinator.

Not only did Kennedy address environmental issues, but also political issues, often blending the two.

He spoke extensively on the Reagan administration’s decision to revoke the Fairness Doctrine, a rule requiring media broadcasters using public airwaves to promote the public interest and to advance American democracy.

By abandoning this doctrine, Kennedy asserted, corporations in control of the media outlets were no longer obligated to present the hard news about issues, including the environmental impact of the government’s actions.

He said currently “we know more about Lindsey Lohan than we do about global warming,” due to the removal of the doctrine.

In addition, Kennedy talked about his work combating the environmental impacts, and the human result of it created by large corporations that run coal-powered power plants.

He mentioned there has been an epidemic of children with asthma in recent years, and he said he believes it is connected to the impact of these plants.

Kennedy yielded laughter and applause by blending humor with the serious threat he said America is facing.

“Well, I thought (Kennedy’s speech) really motivated me