Kennedy, Jr. to advocate environment

Laws are being passed that could adversely affect if she survives, and other areas of government simply ignore her. While having no choice but to sit by and take the abuse, many of those with a choice chose not to help her. On Feb. 27, a man who has made it his life mission to protect her is seeking to enlist and inspire other advocates.

That advocate is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the victim he is advocating for is the planet everyone shares. He will call on the Northern Kentucky University community to aid his crusade at the “Our Environmental Destiny” speech at 7 p.m. Feb. 27 in the Greaves Concert Hall.

Kennedy, a famous attorney and author of “Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush ‘ his Corporate Pals are Plundering the Country and Hijacking our Democracy,” will address the importance of natural resources to the economy, well-being and identity of Americans, as well as its duty to protect and preserve the environment. He also serves as the Chief Prosecuting Officer for the Hudson Riverkeepers, an environmental watchdog organization founded by a group of fisherman in 1966.

“I think it’s a really great opportunity to hear somebody who’s internationally recognized in the environmental law circles,” said Josh Gruenke, program coordinator and advisor to the Activities Programming Board. “When you have the option to hear him speak you should walk away with a greater understanding of the subject matter.”

Additionally, Greunke said that Kennedy’s visit would continue the efforts of the NKU Book Connection program, which opens dialogue via lectures and books at NKU. This year, it focused attention on the environment, including issues like strip mining.

It’s not everyday that somebody of Kennedy’s fame comes to campus, but Kennedy is coming to NKU because he will already be in the Commonwealth.

“…He’s going to be at Murray State University, so we’re able to cut a deal on him,” Greunke said.

Following the lecture, Kennedy will be available for a book signing.

Kennedy is the son of the former Attorney General of the United States and 1968 Democratic presidential candidate, Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated during his campaign. He is also the nephew of President John F. Kennedy.

Admission to the event is $5 for anyone with a valid NKU identification card and $10 for community members at the door. For information on discounted advance tickets, contact the Office of Student Life.