Davenport hopes to change title

After Googling the distance from Loveland, Ohio to Highland Heights, Ky., Zebulun Davenport decided to give Northern Kentucky University a shot.

He actually thought it was too far, only to find out it was just a 20-mile commute.

Davenport, who is the current interim vice president of student affairs, was interviewed Feb. 25 for the full time position of Vice President of Student Affairs.

Students, faculty and staff were able to attend the open interview in the Otto M. Budig Theatre.

Davenport said he thought the process went really well.

“Whatever the result, I felt good to interact with different kinds of people.”

If chosen to be the next Vice President of Student Affairs, Davenport pointed out his vision he would like to see happen in student affairs.

First, he would like student affairs to have a positive and meaningful impact on students.

“Students are first and if (student affairs) are improving their quality of life than we did our job,” Davenport said.

Another area Davenport would like to see improve is more effective educational programs. The programming would be educational-skill and confidence-outcome based to enhance student development.

“(We) need to show that when we walk out the door that the engagement and passion in students is still here,” he added.

Davenport said he wants to make certain that Student Affairs will work with other divisions to create good relations.

He also joked that if there is one thing he could choose to happen, it would be having unlimited resources. But Davenport said he would like to be able to achieve a level of credibility and respect.

“You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have the respect, nothing will come,” he said.

Before coming to NKU, Davenport served as the associate vice president of student affairs; associate vice president of student affairs for multicultural awareness and student health, director of multicultural and international student services and assistant to the vice president of student affairs for multicultural awareness at James Madison University.