Bookstore to correct mistake

An error at the University Bookstore caused 96 credit card transactions totalling $3,878 made Dec. 6 not to be processed. The bookstore has issued a notice for customers affected by this error that the transactions will be debited from their accounts on March 10.

Elio Distaola, director of public relations for Follett said employees found the error while running a routine audit of the batches a group of credit card transactions. Distaola said that “it was an IT error, basically an anomaly.”

“The fact that we caught it is one of the checks and balances of the system. (The audit) is part of the normal procedure,” Distaola said.

Follett also notified the campus in the Feb. 25 edition of the Norse News Network and in the mid-week report that goes to faculty members.

Distaola, said that he knows about the error with the Chartwells foodservice in 2007. He said he didn’t want to have students overdrawing accounts again when the transactions are processed later than expected.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Mike Zimmerman at (859)572-5213.