The good, the bad, and the weird

The good A wounded dog in Iraq tracked several American soldiers who bestowed kindness upon it for more than 70 miles of desert, reported Feb. 16. The unforunate canine had had its ears cut off and been brought up as a fighting dog. Nubs, as he’s been named, is being sent to be united with the soldiers in San Diego.

The bad Police have charged a Northern Kentucky man in the death of his 2-month-old grandson, reported Feb. 15. Police said that they were alerted Thursday morning to provide medical assistance to the child at a Campbellsburg residence.

The weird One of the world’s fattest cats, weighing in at 28 lbs., or three times the normal weight of a feline, was taken to the vet after it got stuck in a doggy door at the animal’s home. The cat has been placed on a strict, low-calorie diet.

Even more weird Happy Valentine’s Day Honey! Here’s your alimony!

A radio station in Charleston, W. Va., announced that for Valentine’s Day, it was giving away a free divorce, the Associated Press reported Feb. 13. The WKLC programming director put it best when he said: “Sure we can give away concert tickets, and we do,” said Jay Nunley. “That’s going to make you happy for a little while. This is the chance to make someone happy for the rest of their life.”

ALWAYS Clean the shopping carts’ handles

Turns out more than half of all shopping carts’ handles are contaminated with bodily fluids, such as saliva and urine. 21 percent showed traces of blood. Just think about what must be on the food.

Bad: Getting arrested for prostitution. Worse: Getting charged with using crack. Worst: In a police cruiser.

Police have charged Melicia Chandler with soliciting an officer on duty with offers of $20 sex, reported Feb. 17. While being driven to jail in a police cruiser, authorities say she allegedly began to smoke crack cocaine.

Homecoming queen allegedly beats sister with a fake leg. Of course, it happened in a trailer.

A North Huddington, Penn., woman and former homecoming queen is facing charges that she allegedly beat her sister with a prosthetic leg and then threatened to burn down a neighbor’s home. The fight was allegedly over the queen’s alcohol abuse. Police say in 1991, she also smeared feces on the inside of a police cruiser. Classy.