CRP isn’t crap

With the implementation of the Collegiate Readership Program, Northern Kentucky University has joined many elite colleges throughout the nation in an effort to educate students about the events of our nation.

The endorsement of the Commonwealth’s Secretary of State, Trey Grayson was a way to start the program but we as students need to participate in order to keep the program on campus. The program encourages civic engagement, which in turn will help keep students up to date on what is happening outside of the concrete jungle.

Students can pick up The New York Times and USA Today for free at numerous locations throughout campus.

The Collegiate Readership Program has been on a “test-run.” To keep the program, the students need to show enough interest to keep the funding. I encourage all NKU students to take a paper. I have been encouraging my friends to also.

In a year of a national, contested primary, a presidential race and local government seats up for bid, it is important to know who you and others are voting for. Some could argue that the situation we are currently in, nationally and locally, is due to the previous elections, when people did not take the time to research the candidates.

With so many people voting every vote does count. But for those who argue one vote won’t matter, read the following:

– Texas, California, Idaho, Washington and Oregon were admitted to the Union by one vote.

– In 1846, Congress approved the Declaration of War by President Polk against Mexico by one vote.

– In 1868, Andrew Johnson was saved from impeachment, by one vote in the House.

– In 1916, Woodrow Wilson won his re-election by one precinct in California.

– In 1955 the Huron, Ohio mayor was elected by one vote.

– In 1984 a Monroe County, Florida city commissioner was elected by one vote.

So, remember when Kentucky votes May 20, whether you choose to vote or not, the power of one vote can change a lot.

And don’t forget to pick up the paper. As the Cincinnati Enquirer says, “You miss a day. You miss a lot.”

Remington Leach