Lectures on the go

On Feb. 16, instructor Kathleen Quinn presented the listeners the answers of how Troy and Cincinnati are connected at the Anthropology series “Sandwiched In.”

This new lecture series is for students on the go; each lecture is designed to last 25 minutes or less, with a reception held afterwards for questions.

The title of the series represents the informality of the event. The lectures were created in the hopes that viewers would bring their lunch and eat while listening to the speaker.

This month Quinn spoke about her participation with the University of Cincinnati’s excavation of Troy. She brought artifacts on loan from the Cincinnati museum that attendees could view in the Anthropology museum after the lecture.

“Part of why I’m here is so that people can begin to share what these artifacts are like,” Quinn said.

Anthropology major Mike Washburn attended the lecture out of interest. Prior to the lecture, his views of Troy consisted of what he’d seen in movies and stories about the infamous horse. After the lecture, he held a wealth of knowledge about the Byzantines, Troy and the types of artifacts discovered there. “I would absolutely [attend again], it gives people a chance to break from the monotony of the classes they’re in.”