Gambling won’t save NKU

Way to go Northern Kentucky. Not Northern Kentucky University, but the region as a whole. We take a look back at the good old days when NKU could fight for more funding and get a voice and a slight increase in tuition. Those days are over.

$8,000,000 in NKU’s revenue is gone.

Remember the election?

We were told if we elect that new Democrat governor guy the casinos and legalized gambling will make education cheaper than flying out of Louisville.

Oh, we already did that and we get the most substantial cut in our generation. Hmm. That must be wrong. I digress.

Granted, the former governor should have not concentrated solely on opposition of gambling, but the voters are going to learn that selling your soul for a gambling boat costs more than you think.

Eight million dollars in the first year. As a US senator once said, a million here and a million there, pretty soon, your talking real money.

Shaun Fugate senior political science