The good, the bad, and the weird

The good Having sex with coworkers improves individuals’ performance in the workplace, The Sun reported Feb. 5. One in five workers quizzed by the Italian researcher admitted to office affairs. Nearly twice as many women revealed having office trysts as men, with one-third saying they did it to advance their careers.

The bad A man in Stamford, Conn., found out that Craigslist has everything, including undercover officers. A CBS affiliate reported that a 24-year-old was arrested after, police say, he posted an ad on the site advertising a half-ounce of “A-Plus” marijuana. Police contacted him using his cell phone number that was provided on the site.

The weird Police said two men beat a bus driver after they missed their stop and caused the vehicle to crash, the New York Daily News reported Feb. 1. The New Yorkers allegedly became belligerent after the driver told them they’d have to wait until the next stop. They then began beating the driver, causing the bus to go up on the sidewalk before hitting a parked truck.