Memorial to honor student

More than a week after the death of an international student, university officials say they don’t know what caused his death. The International Student Union is planning a memorial.

Computer and electrical-engineering major Mahesh Subramannian, 20, was found dead in his Hidden Valley apartment Jan. 20. Officers have been investigating, but do not suspect foul play.

Since then, Subramannian’s body was sent back to his parents in India Jan. 28, Dean of Students Matt Brown said.

But not before a private memorial service in Fairfield, Ohio which several university officials and students attended.

“This was something very difficult for me,” said Adam Widanski, a coordinator for ISA and one of the officials who came to the memorial service. “I saw him for the last time, but he wasn’t alive.”

Widanski said that, though he hadn’t spoken in-depth with Mahesh in some time, he hadn’t heard anyone express concern about him.

“There was nothing on the radar,” he said. “No signs whatsoever.”

Muzammil Nadir, president of the ISU, had known Subramanniam since arriving here in 2005.

“I’ve never seen him angry,” Nadir said. “You’d look at him and he’d be smiling.”

Nadir played cricket with Subramanniam several times, including the last time the two had met in December before finals. Nadir said that he was an excellent player.

Off the field, Subramanniam was respectful and friendly, Nadir said.

“He respected you for what you do, who you are,” Nadir said.

To honor Mahesh, the ISA is planning a memorial service Feb. 1, from 2 to 3 p.m., in the Otto Budig Theater. All students are welcome to stop by and pay their respects. They can also write their thoughts on cards, which will be mailed to Mahesh’s family.