Thefts reported in bookstore

A series of book thefts prompted University Police to release the year’s first crime alert in the Norse News Network.

Two of the thefts were of personal property left in the cubbies at the University Bookstore.

“Theft from the cubbies isn’t that huge of a deal right now, but we wanted to send out that memo in the N3 so that students would be more aware of themselves and their belongings,” said University Police Chief Harold Todd.

The first theft was reported Jan. 18 at 1 p.m. when a subject reported a book was stolen.

The second was occurred Jan. 24 at 3:46 when a student reported his book bag was missing.

Upon entering the University Bookstore, all shoppers are asked to leave their personal items in the cubbies by the register.

“We ask them to leave their bags and items so they don’t have a means to pick up an item and not pay for it at the front,” said Sarah Thacker, textbook manager at the University Bookstore.

However, the crime alert stated students should “never leave your books unattended, even for a minute.”

Todd said that although he would never advise someone to leave their property out of sight, the bookstore is one place you just can’t take them with you.

He added that a solution might be to visit the store during off hours or take a friend to watch your bag.

“We’re not saying that anything you leave will be stolen, we just want everyone to be conscious of the situation,” Todd said.

Police are investigating and have asked that any further thefts or suspicious behaviors be reported to University Police.